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Alcohol and speed suspected in deadly multi-car accident

Taken individually, speed and alcohol both pose separate dangers to people on Colorado's roadways. When combined, they only increase the potential for a devastating car accident. Sadly, impairment tends to lead to excessive speed that, in turn, tends to lead to car accidents.

Officers who responded to a recent crash here in Colorado believe that this combination of alcohol and speed caused the death of a woman. When it was over, five vehicles sustained heavy damage that was strewn over an area of approximately 200 feet. Police say it all began when an intoxicated man driving a truck rear-ended the woman at a stop light.

Motor vehicle accidents: Child hurt in Colorado

One man has been arrested following a serious rollover crash that injured a child, according to local sources. Colorado authorities say the man is being charged with drunk driving after the accident in Colorado Springs. The investigation is still underway, as a thorough investigation is required for motor vehicle accidents causing injury. 

According to the accident report, police say the 44-year-old man was headed eastbound in a pickup truck around 1:20 p.m. the afternoon of Sept. 29 when the accident occurred. The man's vehicle struck a parked car with enough speed to push the other vehicle some 40 to 50 feet down the road. The truck then flipped over, crushing the cab. 

Motor vehicle accidents: multiple injuries reported in crash

News is still coming in about a serious two-vehicle accident that took place on Interstate 70, according to local sources. Colorado authorities responded to the accident, which caused the partial shutdown of the highway. As with many motor vehicle accidents, this one is still under investigation while police attempt to determine a cause for the crash.

According to preliminary reports, a vehicle driven by an unidentified person was traveling west on Interstate 70 when the driver appeared to lose control of the vehicle. This caused the car to flip into the eastbound lanes of the highway, where it struck another car headed east. The force of the impact caused serious damage to both vehicles.

Protect yourself from distracted drivers with these safety tips

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of accidents in the United States. Whether the driver is on the phone, texting, eating or reaching to grab something in the backseat, it can be dangerous from themselves as well as other drivers that share the road.

A staggering statistic from the NHTSA, close to 400,000 individuals were injured in car crashes that stemmed from distracted driving. The best way to protect yourself from a distracted driver is to be proactive, watch for them and stay away.

Drugs present in over 40 percent of drivers killed in crashes

When motorists choose to get behind the wheel after using drugs, the results can be devastating. Drug use can contribute not only to serious injuries, but crash-related fatalities. A new study has shed even more light on the tragic and dangerous mix of drugs and driving.

Sobering statistics

Protecting your child from a dog bite

Many families enjoy the responsibility and companionship of owning a pet dog. Man’s best friend may prove to be a positive addition to the family and neighborhood. Yet dogs cannot understand stressful situation or excited children, and some animals may become nervous and lash out.

Dog bites prove to be incredibly dangerous. Bites can inflict serious physical damage as well as emotional trauma. Should a dog bite your child, you must prepare to file a personal injury lawsuit. As a parent, your child’s safety stands at the forefront of your activities, so you may wish to utilize methods of prevention to avoid an angry or upset animal.


Colorado motorists may not fully understand the dangers of distracted driving. 71% of teenagers and young adults admit to writing or sending text messages while driving, and 78% of teenagers and young adults admit to reading a text message while driving. With the advances of cell phone technology and its growing popularity, the use of cell phones while driving has increased exponentially in the last few years, and so has the risk posed by distracted drivers.


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