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Protect yourself from distracted drivers with these safety tips

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of accidents in the United States. Whether the driver is on the phone, texting, eating or reaching to grab something in the backseat, it can be dangerous from themselves as well as other drivers that share the road.

A staggering statistic from the NHTSA, close to 400,000 individuals were injured in car crashes that stemmed from distracted driving. The best way to protect yourself from a distracted driver is to be proactive, watch for them and stay away.

How to spot a distracted driver

If you are looking for them, distracted drivers can be easy to spot.

  • Drifting lanes: Distracted drivers often have trouble staying in their lane, especially on the highway. These drivers may drift or merge without using their blinker.
  • Sporadic speeds: When a driver is distracted, it may be hard for them to keep a steady speed without using cruise control.
  • Delayed response: When you are sitting at a stoplight and the driver in front of you has a delayed reaction to a green light, or slams on the brakes because they did not notice the car in front of them was stopped or stopping, it may be safe to assume they were distracted.

What to do when you see a distracted driver

The best thing you can do when you spot a distracted driver is to stay away from them. By assuming they are too distracted to notice you and your vehicle, you may avoid an accident. If you feel it is necessary, a call to the police may be wise.

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